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  • Old Road

    Old Road Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

    Good American whisky is Bourbon. Old Road Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey is made according to the unique traditions tested by time. Old Road begins from the best grades of corn grown in Kentucky and Indiana, selected brands of rye and the best malt barley. Proper mixture of the grains is a thoroughly kept secret known only to the experts in charge of manufacturing the top quality whisky.
    A notable feature of the Old Road is the formula of mixing the grains to prepare the wort. It is known that at least 51% of corn must contain there to produce a Bourbon. The Old Road is made of 70% corn, 15% rye and 15% malted barley. The formula ensures the optimum balance of taste in the final product.
    The procedure of casks selection is of ultimate importance. Before clogging the Old Road into the oak casks, they undergo a thorough inspection. The casks must be made of the special 70 to 80 year-old oak wood. The wood selection standards for the Old Road casks are tight and expensive, but they must be thoroughly met is we want to obtain the perfect result. The wooden texture grains are also inspected. If the oak texture is too fine, the whisky will be under-aged, less strong and fragrant. The excessively large grains of texture would result in dominating the wooden tints in the palate. The casks are also inspected to reveal damaged or broken staves or open joints.
    Since the every stage of the manufacturing process is important, the aging is considered the decisive factor to develop the outstanding whisky. As a rule, the warehouses for aging the Bourbon have  9 levels. Each warehouse has an earth floor, which allows the Mother Nature to take care of the ageing process. In case of severe winter, the hot vapor is circulated under pressure through the warehouses to compensate any drastic changes of temperature.
    The best whisky of the distillery is aged on the dedicated levels. Normally, on the 4th and 5th , or 5th and 6th level.  Because these are the “middle” levels of the warehouse, so the temperature varieties there are minimal there. This is a key factor to ensure maturity and manufacturing of the well-balanced whisky. Premises of warehouses are built of large wooden beams and surrounded by brick walls.
    Only the best quality Bourbon produced at the plant is bottled under the Old Road Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. Only 30-35 casks of the aged whisky are selected for the batch. The content of the casks undergoes thorough analysis. If at least one of the expert taster is reluctant to confirm the quality of the specimen, the content of the particular cask will not be used for the bottling.
    Bourbon Old Road is a top quality drink for men in spirit, esprit fort and progressive people. It is well worth tasting.
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    Old Road Whiskey 3 YO 0.7L (4006714004798) Bourbon Old Road Kentucky Straight Bourb
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    Old Road Whiskey 6 YO 0.7L (4006714004934) Bourbon Old Road 6 years is a high-quali
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