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    Everything starts from the legend. In 1789 pastor Elijah Craig, a Baptist preacher from Scotland, moved to Bourbon County of Louisville (KT), to bring the word of God there.  To keep his spirits up between the Sunday preaching sermons, in order to strengthen his soul with godly labor and to lessen his longing for the sweet motherland, he grew barleys on the neighboring fields and brewed whisky trying hard to resemble the Scotch, the drink adored by every Scottish. In spite of his zealous prayers, the crops were bad, and quality of the brewed whisky was far below comparison to the content of oak casks shipped from the faraway Europe.
    One the pastor took a journey to Georgetown located at the crossing of the Kentucky River with Ohio. On his way the pastor said his prayer and contemplated the vast fields of corn that grew abundantly under the hot sum of this remote state. All of a sudden his mind was struck by the bright idea! Elijah Craig designed a simple still on the river bank and started distilling the wort made of corn grains instead of barley grains. He clogged the resulting distillate, brewed with the crystal clear water of the Kentucky River, into his made white oak casks.
    The legend says that the casks were charred when some godless people set his house afire. Elijah decided not to make new casks, he simply clogged the distilled spirits into the charred ones, and forgot about them for several years. And when , finally, he opened a cask, his jar was filled by the whisky that nobody had ever tasted before either in Europe or the New World! The whisky robe was darker, it smelled with char. The pastor shipped his drink to New Orleans in the casks with the labels made by himself saying “Bourbon, Kentucky State”.
    Manufacturing process
    Even though the people of Kentucky  are confident that the authentic Bourbon is made only in their state, the formal name may be given to any brand of whisky distilled in the territory of US, provided only that its wort contains no less than 51%  and no more than 80% of corn, and the drink has been aged in charred White American Oak casks  for at least two years. The process of distilling Bourbon is different from the one of any regular whisky is that the former lacks of the grain maltage stage.
    Initially small batches of corn, rye, barley and wheat grains are crushed (different proportions of the grains is the “know-how” of Bourbon producers), then mixed with water ( quality of water defines the quality of the whisky). After that, the wort undergoes temperature treatment and fermentation. The wort is then saccarified, diluted with water and distilled. The distillate is clogged up in  new and clean oak casks ( some producers, however, prefer used oaks from Porto or brandy). The Bourbon is aged in the casks, absorbing the odors of the noble oak and gaining the golden robe. The final product , with alcohol content ranging from 40 to 62,5 % vol., is filtered before bottling. However, special limited batches of Bourbon for true admirers of authentic product are bottled without filtration. This whisky retains the entire range of aromas of the charred American Oak.
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