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  • Hankey Bannister

    Hankey Bannister Whisky 

    Hankey Bannister Whisky is a privilege of strong, self-confident, energetic people used to blossom forth. It was precisely Hankey Bannister that many royalties cared for. That whisky was preferred by poet Lord Byron and writer Oscar Wilde. In the 20th century Hankey Bannister became a favourite drink of politician Winston Churchill.
    It is considered that Hankey Bannister & Co was founded in 1757, but history of this brand began much earlier.
    At the beginning of the 18th century with a loss of sovereignty by Scotland many people left the country in search of a better life. Mister Hankey was among them. He left for London and shortly after set up a small grocer’s shop.
    Born in the Uplands of Scotland where high-quality malt whisky was customary, Hankey within two years built up one of the best collections of that drink.
    With the lapse of time Mister Hankey became a supplier of alcoholic drinks to the Royal Household and established a good reputation with aristocracy. But that was not enough for Hankey. He was eager to create taste of whisky that would reflect his success. And so, in 1752 Hankey launched malt whisky blending experiments.  At the same time he met another Scotsman, a grocer Mister Bannister, who was a less successful businessman but had a great experience in blending. He was even invited to carry out a tasting of wines supplied to the Royal Household.
    Combination’s comprehensive whisky collection of Hankey, Bannister experience, a great desire of the both to achieve success and their hard work resulted in a blend with a great deal of personality   – HANKEY BANNISTER.   Later on this blend was honoured with a number of Royal awards.
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    Hankey Bannister Whisky 0.5L (5010509415705)
    Hankey Bannister 0.5L (5010509415705) "Hankey Bannister" Original - noble, ref
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    329 грн.
    Hankey Bannister Whisky 0.7L (5010509001243)
    Hankey Bannister Whisky 0.7L (5010509001243) "Hankey Bannister" Original - noble, r
    Availability: Есть в наличии
    390 грн.
    Hankey Bannister Whisky 1L (5010509414081)
    Hankey Bannister Whisky 1L (5010509414081) "Hankey Bannister" Original - noble, ref
    Availability: Есть в наличии
    560 грн.