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  • Clynelish

    Clynelish Single Malt Scotch Whiskey

    The Clynelish distillery was founded in 1819 in the town of Bror by the Duke of Sutherland. The plant is located in the north of Scotland, where the fertile soil was ideal for the barley, which was cultivated by the Duke. The distillery was built for the marketing of agricultural crops. Another goal pursued by Sutherland was to end the activities of illegal whiskey producers through the creation of a large distillery. It is these down-to-earth desires that have resulted in the creation of the incredibly popular whiskey. The crazy demand for the drink led to the fact that Kleinelish was sold only to private customers, as the produced whiskey was not enough for everyone. But things did not always go smoothly at the plant: production had to be stopped twice. These times fell on Prohibition and World War II. But Kleinelish did not give up its positions and the demand for the drink did not fall, and therefore at the end of the 60s the plant was expanded by building a new distillery, and the old building was closed in the 83rd year. The new plant covers an area three times the size of the old one, it operates the latest equipment and uses six stills for distillation. The production capacity of the distillery is about 3.5 million liters of whiskey per year. Clynelish is the base for such popular blends as Johnnie Walker Gold Label and Compass Box Eleuthra.
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    Clynelish Whisky 14 Years Old 0.7L 46% (5000281016535)
    Clynelish Whisky 14 Years Old 0.7L 46% (5000281016535) Clynelish is a 14 year old s
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