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  • Cardhu

    Scotch whiskey Cardhu

    The Cardhu distillery dates back to 1811 with the illegal production of whiskey by John Cumming and his wife Elena. John owned his own farm, so he prepared the barley and peat used in the production himself. Another favorable factor for production was the Spey River, which flows nearby, which made it possible to use clean water in production. Therefore, it would be a sin not to use all the resources. But the Cumming family was in no hurry to legalize their business, for which the head of the family was repeatedly convicted. Elena was a faithful companion to her husband and covered him in every possible way. For example, when officials visited the Cummings, Elena received them very warmly, treating them to tea with freshly baked bread, distracting the aromas of baked goods from the smell of barley and malt. During the visit of the guardians of the law, Elena hung a red flag on the barn door so that her husband could know about the "unexpected guests" and did not return home until they left. And yet, by 1824, John decides to legalize his business. The Cummings finished building their distillery and did great business.
    After the death of John and Helena in 1886, Cardue's management passed into the hands of the Cummings' daughter-in-law, Elizabeth. This lady was incredibly tough and ruthless in business, she knew all the production processes to the smallest detail. "Queen of Whiskey" - that's what Elizabeth was called. She was able to develop the business to a grandiose scale: the production volume of the distillery was 200 thousand liters. Cardue Elizabeth decided to sell the old distillation stills to the famous creator of "Glenfiddich" William Grant, who was in the process of building his plant. Elizabeth has been running the company for over 20 years. In 1893, Cardew was bought out by Johnnie Walker on the condition that Cardew would make up the bulk of the Red and Black Label blend. In its pure form, this magnificent malt was no longer bottled until 1960.
    During World War II, Cardue, like most distilleries, was closed. The work was resumed only in the 60th year, increasing the number of cubes to 6. Since 1981, the distillery is called "Cardow Distillery". Today, a third of all Cardu's products are sold as a standalone single malt drink, and two-thirds are sold as part of Johnny Walker's blends.
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    Cardhu Whisky 12 Years Old 0.7L 40% (5000267102573)
    Cardhu Whisky 12 Years Old 0.7L 40% (5000267102573) Cardhu 12 YO is a Scotch single
    Availability: Есть в наличии
    1 600 грн.
    Cardhu Whisky 15 Years Old 0.7L 40% (5000267116662)
    Cardhu Whisky 15 Years Old 0.7L 40% (5000267116662) The elegant Cardhu 15 Year Old
    Availability: Есть в наличии
    2 020 грн. 1 749 грн.
    Cardhu Whisky 18 Years Old 0.7L 40% (5000267116693)
    Cardhu Whisky 18 Years Old 0.7L 40% (5000267116693)  The exquisite Cardhu 18 Y
    Availability: Есть в наличии
    3 400 грн. 2 799 грн.