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    Buy whiskey Canadian Club (Canadian Club)

    Canadian Club - The oldest blended Canadian whiskey. This is the only whiskey blended before barreling and subsequent aging. This technology allows the delicate aromas of malt, barley, rye and grain to harmoniously combine, creating a drink of the highest quality. Canadian Club - a very delicate and delicate whiskey, suitable for any celebration or event.
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    Canadian Club Whisky 0.7L (080686816072)
    Canadian Club Whisky 0.7L (080686816072) Best-selling, flagship whisky is where mos
    Availability: Есть в наличии
    510 грн. 420 грн.
    Canadian Club Whisky 1L (080686816201)
    Canadian Club Whisky 1L (080686816201) Best-selling, flagship whisky is where most
    Availability: Есть в наличии
    615 грн. 525 грн.