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  • Snow Leopard Vodka

    Snow Leopard Vodka

    Ultra premium vodka. It is produced in limited series from relict wild wheat (spelled). Exclusive aroma combines exquisite shades of vanilla, jasmine and almond. Connoisseurs note the nuances of fresh pastries and a touch of chocolate in taste.
    The drink is obtained by a unique six-time distillation method. In the process of distillation and filtration, alcohol acquires a unique nutty aroma and phenomenal purity. Natural spring water from an artesian well is used.
    Just before bottling, each batch of vodka undergoes a thorough tasting control of the main master distiller.
    Snow Leopard Vodka is in perfect harmony with a dry martini. Great as a base for premium cocktails.
    You can buy Snow Leopard vodka in our online store of ArtDrink alcoholic beverages with delivery in Kiev, Ukraine.


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    Snow Leopard Vodka 0.7L (5060121440005)
    Snow Leopard Vodka 0.7L (5060121440005) Vodka Snow Leopard (Snow Leopard) - th
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