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  • Lvoff vodka

    Vodka LVOFF (Ukraine)

    High quality products.
    For the production of Lvoff vodka, the best grain alcohols of the exclusively "Lux" class are selected, which ensures high and impeccable product quality and light taste.
    Crystal clear water
    Drinking water prepared from spring water of the Carpathian regions with a hardness of 4 mmol / dm3 and an alkalinity of pH 2.4 is ideal for preparing high-quality vodka and does not require special treatment and purification. And the high production technology of NPP Getman allows you to make a drink of excellent purity, transparency and brilliance.
    Modern design.
    Design, as a powerful marketing tool, makes everyone stop their eyes on a new interesting object. The LVOFF vodka is reminiscent of a Wall Street businessman who is heading to a ball. Wearing an expensive tailcoat, this person attracts attention with elegance and a good sense of style inherent in educated and sophisticated personalities ...


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    Lvoff Elite Vodka 0.5L (4820062531863)
    Lvoff Elite Vodka 0.5L (4820062531863) Organically combines classic style and
    Availability: Есть в наличии
    156 грн.
    Lvoff Platinum Vodka 0.5L (4820190100153)
    Lvoff Platinum Vodka 0.5L (4820190100153) Ukrainian premium vodka Lvoff Platin
    Availability: Есть в наличии
    140 грн.
    Lvoff Silver Vodka 0.5L (4820190100160)
    Lvoff Silver Vodka 0.5L (4820190100160) This vodka is bottled on the basis of
    Availability: Есть в наличии
    120 грн.
    Lvoff Gold Vodka 0.5L (4820062531887)
    Lvoff Gold Vodka 0.5L (4820062531887) Tasting notes Tastings: Delicate vod
    Availability: Out Of Stock
    0 грн.
    Lvoff Light Vodka 0.5L (4820062531900)
    Lvoff Light Vodka 0.5L (4820062531900) Tasting notes Tastings: Soft, delic
    Availability: Out Of Stock
    0 грн.