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  • Ketel One

    Ketel One vodka: buy, price, reviews, description

    Ketel One is an authentic premium vodka that is personally guaranteed by an artisan with eleven generations of expertise.
    Like all authentic luxury goods, every Ketel One bottle bears the stamp and signature of the Nolet family. "
    Using carefully selected European wheat and a combination of modern and traditional distillation methods, the Nolet family has been producing an exceptional product for over 300 years - Ketel One vodka.
    Vodka is produced in small quantities using modern production technologies in the Nolet family distillery.
    The name Ketel One comes from the name of the distillery Distilleerketel No.1, which is Danish for "alembic".
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    Vodka Ketel One 0.7L 40% (8711566013701)
    Vodka Ketel One 0.7L 40% (8711566013701) Ketel One is an imported craft vodka from
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