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    Cabrito Tequila

    Casa Centinela was founded in 1890. She quickly became successful. The rich lands of this area and careful control over the production process contributed to the great popularity of its tequila, first in Los Altos, and then throughout Jalisco. The entrepreneur, Jose Hernandez, made a huge contribution to the development of the plant and contributed to the promotion of tequila not only in this region, but also throughout Mexico and beyond.

    Despite the fact that today much has changed in the production cycle and methods of growing agave, each bottle retains the great spirit, strength and traditions that unite the large Sentinella family.
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    Cabrito Tequila Blanco 0.75L
    Cabrito Tequila Blanco 0.75L Tequila Mexico Cabrito Blanco - The warming taste of t
    Availability: Есть в наличии
    1 090 грн.
    Cabrito Tequila Reposado 0.75L
    Cabrito Tequila Reposado 0.75L Aged in American white oak barrels for 6 months. Rep
    Availability: Есть в наличии
    1 090 грн.