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  • Sambuca Molinari

    Sambuca Molinari

    History. Production of anis-based alcohol drinks began in Mediterranean countries after strong medicinal properties of that plant had been discovered. The drink is produced with two anise varieties: green anise growing in the Mediterranean world and truestar anise tree brought from Vietnam and China.
    Sambuca originates from vicinity of the port of Civitavecchia not far from Rome. Anise liqueurs were made in practically all countries of the Mediterranean world: ouzo in Greece, pastis in France andarak in Turkey. The name of “sambuca” probably originated from Arabic “zammut” – a name of anise-based drink dropped off at Civitavecchia in the Middle Ages.
    At the end of the 1950th a small miracle happened. In order to attract attention of consumers winemaker Angelo Molinari decided to demonstrate a special sambuca serving method. Three coffee beans were added to the drink and fired up! Since then the drink enjoyed world-wide popularity.
    Today Molinari is the best sambuca producer in the world. Strenuous work of Molinari resulted in Sambuca Molinari brand born in 1945 in Civitavecchia.
    The first factory was opened in Civitavecchia in 1959 and the second one in 1964. In 2005 producers of famous sambuca celebrated the 60th anniversary of the Company. It captured a big market share owing to skilled work, drawing public attention and increase of effectiveness.
    In 1974 a new modern factory was established in Colfelice (France). Production rate of one of its best sectors was 60 000 bottles per day. Nowadays Molinari still dominates sambuca market (72% of retail sales and 65% of HoReCa sales!) in spice of the fact that sambuca market in Italy is apparently saturated (two million bottles per year).
    This drink is considered a good digestive but found unfit for cocktails due to its pronounced anise taste.  Inapplicability in cocktails restricted production of sambuca but made it unattractive for pirates and falsifiers.  So, when buying sambuca one can be sure of its genuineness.
    UK is also one of the most dynamic markets. Sales volumes come to dozens of thousands of boxes per year and keep on growing. Germany does not fall much behind with its million boxes. Here, by the way, Molinari occupied two thirds of the market.
    Practically in all beer consuming countries of Europe sambuca became an amazing addition to evening beer, except for Ireland where to fire a drink in one’s glass in public is considered to be the same kind of crime as setting off fireworks.
    Of course Europe alone was not enough for adventurous Italian Molinari. Now he controls the most part of US market where 300 000 bottles are sold annually and which is also considered to be oversaturated.
    More and more sophisticated sambuca varieties are developed. Sambuca Molinari Caffe is one of examples. It is oriented at true gourmets. For those who don’t love to chew coffee beans, this is the drink for the job. It is applicable in various cocktails.
    4 ways to drink sambuca:
    1. Ordinary. It is possible to add some water and sip the drink slowly during the whole evening. The best way of thirst quenching.
    2. Classical. A cognac glass is filled with drink and three coffee beans and the drink is fired up. Thereafter burning sambuca is poured out into old-fashion glass. Cognac glass is turned over on a napkin to preserve flavoured fumes. Sambuca should be drunk in one gulp, coffee beans bitten through and fumes inhaled from cognac glass through a small tube.
    3. Risky. Fill the mouth with sambuca without swallowing. Wipe lips dry. Throw back your head. At the same time an assistant has to bring a lit match to your mouth. Having sensed heat, close the mouth and swallow.
    4. Frozen. Put bottle and glass on ice and serve covered with “snow”. Classical way for Italy.
    Italians are sure that sambuca does a power of good: increases potency, improves immunity, cures fits of coughing and colds.
    Party with Sambuca Molinari!
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    Sambuca Molinari Extra Liqueur 0.5L
    Sambuca Molinari Extra Liqueur 0.5L A traditional Italian drink, the basis of which
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    450 грн.
    Sambuca Molinari Extra Liqueur 0.75L
    Sambuca Molinari Extra Liqueur 0.75L This super-premium sambuca was created in 1945
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    600 грн.
    Sambuca Molinari Extra Liqueur 1.0L
    Sambuca Molinari Extra Liqueur 1.0L A traditional Italian drink, the basis of which
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    780 грн.