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    Averna Liquer

    Averna (Averna) - the original Sicilian bitter (bittersweet liquor), which is a tincture of more than 60 herbs, plants and roots. Amaro Averna drink has been produced since 1868 according to the original secret recipe, which went to Salvatore Averna from a Benedictine monk. At first, the drink was prepared exclusively for family members and guests of Avern, but by the beginning of the 1900s, the recipe and family business was transferred to the son of Salvatore, Francesco Avern, who began to sell liquor at Italian fairs and abroad.

    The main production of Averna liquor is located in Caltanissetta, in central Sicily. It is still created according to the traditional unchanged recipe, and includes a long process of insisting, which makes it, undoubtedly, one of the most unique and original bitters that exist today.

    The process begins by combining specially selected herbs, roots and natural spices. Then all the ingredients, among which there are pomegranates and essential oils of bitter oranges and lemons, are crushed, mixed and insisted on pure alcohol until a saturated aromatic mixture is obtained. Then, water and sugar are added to the liquid until the optimum alcohol content is reached, filtered and sedimented until all the ingredients are thoroughly mixed. Upon reaching the ideal intensity of taste and aroma, Averna liquor is ready for bottling and consumption.

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    Averna Amaro Liqueur 0.7L (8000040203782)
    Averna Amaro Liqueur 0.7L (8000040203782) Dark caramel color liquor. Liquor has a b
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