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  • The Botanist Gin

    The Botanist Gin

    The Botanist is a unique gin that is created on the Scottish island of Islay. Jim McEwan, chief master of the Bruichladdich distillery, known for its single malt whiskey, back in 2004 expressed the idea of ​​producing gin using the extreme diversity of the island's Isla flora. However, it took a long time to bring this idea to life. An experienced craftsman had to additionally study the production of gin and buy a rare Lomond type distillation cube, which allows for a long 24-hour distillation. In addition, Jim hired two local botanists to help him find and select plants for a unique bouquet of future gin. The first batch of gin was released in August 2010. Jim McEwan named him The Botanist after those people without whom this product would not have been born. The Botanist is distilled with 22 unique plant components collected on Islay Island: apple mint, thyme, heather, tansy, birch leaves and others. They give gin its delicate aroma and unique character, combining with 9 classic ingredients, in particular with coriander, juniper berries, zest, licorice. The taste of the drink is rich and soft, at first a little cold, and subsequently warm and clean, with a dominant fresh tone of citrus. This amazing gin captivates both in pure form and in cocktails. 

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    The Botanist Gin 0.7L (5055807400596)
    The Botanist Gin 0.7L (5055807400596) Gin The Botanist 0.7 L 46% - The rich an
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