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    Eristavi Georgian Brandy

    "Eristavi" is a classic Georgian cognac. In ancient times, the title "Eristavi" was received by persons of the princely family for special merits, the shown courage and courage in front of the country. The holder of the title was the commander of the military banner, wore special clothes, a ring, a belt and a spear, and also rode a horse of a special breed and was considered special extraordinary and privileged.

    When creating the Eristavi brandy, the company Sarajishvili JSC was tasked with preserving and showing the Georgian traditions of brandy production on the basis of classical French technology. When branding alcohol for Eristavi, brandy alcohol is obtained by a single direct distillation of the wine materials directly with separation of the head and tail fractions. To acquire the necessary characteristics inherent in cognac, long aging in oak barrels is required. At this stage, the ripening of cognac alcohol, the formation of aromatic and taste advantages of cognac. The age of cognac alcohol begins when the young alcohol is placed in an oak barrel, i.e. from the moment of contact of alcohol with oak wood. 

    "Eristavi" - Georgian cognac, made according to the classical Georgian technology, which consists in the direct distillation of brandy alcohol (using distillation cubes of the Zorabyan system). This specificity of the technology gives the drink a complex aroma, rich taste and harmonious bouquet.
    You can buy Georgian Eristavi cognacs (Eristavi) in assortment in our ArtDrink alcoholic beverage store with delivery in Kiev, as well as in the Dnieper, Kharkov, Kherson, Nikolaev, Odessa, Poltava, Lviv, and other cities of Ukraine.
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    Eristavi Brandy 3 y.o. 0.5L (4860018005284)
    Eristavi Brandy 3 y.o. 0.5L (4860018005284) «Eristavi» - democratic Georgian brandy
    Availability: Есть в наличии
    225 грн.
    Eristavi Brandy 5 y.o. 0.5L (4860018005307)
    Eristavi Brandy 5 y.o. 0.5L (4860018005307) «Eristavi» - democratic Georgian b
    Availability: Есть в наличии
    254 грн.
    Eristavi Brandy VS 0.5L (4860018005321)
    Eristavi Brandy VS 0.5L (4860018005321) «Eristavi» - democratic Georgian brandy, is
    Availability: Есть в наличии
    297 грн.
    Eristavi Brandy VSOP 0.5L (4860018005345)
    Eristavi Brandy VSOP 0.5L (4860018005345) «Eristavi» - democratic Georgian brandy,
    Availability: Есть в наличии
    331 грн.