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  • Peychaud`S Bitters

    Peychaud`S Bitters 

    Sazerac's story begins with a drink. Antoine Amedi Peixot, a Creole immigrant, in 1838, working in a pharmacy on Royal Street in the French Quarter, gathered his friends at the pharmacy late in the evening and interfered with brandy and absinthe cocktails for them. After some time, in the middle of the 19th century, a coffee bar opened in the same place. The drink, mixed by a pharmacist, smoothly migrated to the menu of the institution "Sazerac" and began to be called the same as the bar. In 1869, Thomas H. Handy acquired a coffee shop and began producing alcoholic beverages under the Saserac brand.

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    Peychaud`s Bitters Aromatic 0.296L (88004190170)
    Peychaud`s Bitters Aromatic 0.296L (88004190170) Peychaud's (pay-SHOHDS) bitte
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